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Business Consulting

We’re all about helping our clients win. Using the STAR model we are experts in bridging strategy and execution to accelerate business growth by ensuring all the components are in place and aligned for success. Our clients appreciate our laser focus on outcomes and execution.

We work collaboratively with leaders and teams to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of our services. Our primary focus is on providing strategic and operational consulting support. We partner with our clients to develop a clear vision of what success looks like, define external and internal factors that could put the achievement of success at risk. We then work mitigate the risks while driving towards the goal.

Our objective is to be your strategic advisor and partner while empowering you to succeed quickly. Unlike other firms, we don’t want to remain in your business for any longer than necessary. Our success is based on helping you achieve your objective and then moving on. See below for more information on our specific services.

Strategy Consulting

  • Bridging strategy and execution
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Capital and technology portfolio management
  • Annual goal setting process development and execution
  • Integration/Divestiture workstream leadership
  • Integration Management Office (IMO) creation and execution
  • KPI development and implementation
  • Performance metric review
  • Customer-centric analysis
  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound)

Operations Consulting

  • PMO design, set-up and evaluation
  • Project team leadership
  • Implementation
  • Program governance
  • Communications support and presentation development
  • Business process improvement and optimization
  • Organizational design and development cost reduction
  • General Manager
  • Chief of Staff
  • Business Operations
  • IT
  • HR

Periodic Special Reports

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