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“The way to get started is to quite talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

Over the last few days I’ve been discussing how to apply principles of centered leadership to accelerate your career in 2016.  The principles were outlined in three steps:

  1. Know yourself –> Mindfulness of self
  2. Know your goal –> Mindfulness of others
  3. Don’t go it alone –> Extending

In the first article we discussed the importance of knowing yourself and what you want to accomplish before starting out on your journey. In the second post we examine knowing your goal and how you want to grow from it. Both of these related to the concept of “centering” and being mindful of yourself and what you want to accomplish. In this third and final post we’ll look at applying the principle of “extension” as you begin to execute on your goal.

Don’t go it alone

Once you are mindful of why you are setting out on the journey and what the goal of the journey is the third and final step is to execute – start your journey. The key here is to not journey alone. As in ancient times, you are more likely to complete your journey if you are not alone. While it is possible to be successful like the tree in the picture, odds go up and the journey becomes more enjoyable if there are others coming along with you.  Here are a few ways to do this that are not mutually exclusive (i.e., you can use more than one or all of them to raise your chances of success)

  • Declare what you are looking to accomplish, this will drive accountability and get others in your corner cheering you on.
  • Make a plan outlining the specific steps you will take to achieve your goal. Ensure there are clearly measurable points along the way so you can tell if you are making progress. I advise my clients to look at plans in time chunks of 90 – 100 days. More than that and things get lost as progress can be too slow, shorter than that and it’s hard to achieve anything substantial.
  • Hire a coach or mentor to guide you on your journey. I recommend this not be a friend, but rather a professional who can serve as a sounding board and help hold you accountable as well as assist when you are stuck. There are lots of places to find a coach. To get started you can look at Noomii.  Trouble knowing who to hire? My friend and former colleague George Karris has created a tool that helps you evaluate career coaches, which is available here.

All this equates to the centered leadership principle of “extension”. You are reaching out, extending and focusing your energy in the direction you want to go. There will be ups and downs during your journey so strive to stay positive. Your attitude will shine through. While easier said than done, research has shown those who think positively and assume the desired outcome will occur are much better able to navigate the curve balls life will inevitably throw your way.

Bottom line: Have a plan, think positive and don’t go it alone.

Here’s to your next great career move in 2016!

For more information on applying centered leadership principles to a successful career move in 2016 please reach out.