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Do your career plans for 2016 include starting your own venture? Below are 10 free resources for San Diego small business to help get you started. 

Starting a small business is frightening and stressful, mainly because of finances. At first, you have to shoestring everything. Any new venture has risk, but it’s my purpose to help mitigate risk by increasing your odds for success. I’ve started a career planning series on my blog, which really delves into overall purpose and goal setting. I also want to give you some practical wisdom in the form of free resources available to small businesses and startups here in San Diego. I hope you can make good use of both my blog and these free resources, regardless of what stage you are in your venture.

Starting a Small Business in San Diego

If you have an amazing idea but don’t really know where to start, explore the links below. Qualified volunteer experts can help you outline your goals, write a business plan and help you secure an SBA loan. Even if you have a solid grasp on business and years of experience, these organizations have access to free resources specifically for businesses here in San Diego.

1. City of San Diego Office of Economic Development

2. SCORE San Diego

3. SBA San Diego

4. Free Business Classes taught online or in locations around San Diego County

Researching the San Diego Small Business Community

These sites do an excellent job of covering the San Diego small business community. They offer industry tips, local business news and upcoming networking events. If your business is B2B, use these sites as a resource for finding potential customers.


6. San Diego Small Business Journal

7. San Diego Source

Small Business Networking in San Diego

If you’ve already launched your business and are looking to connect with other business owners, try these opportunities out. Modern networking is selfless. How can you support and encourage other entrepreneurs in your local community?

8. San Diego Young Entrepreneur Network

9. One Million Cups

10. San Diego Tech and Startup Events

Regardless of what stage you are in your venture, I hope these resources help you as they have helped my clients and me. I’ve launched a three-part series on the Centered Leadership Consulting blog about using centered leadership to accelerate your career in 2016. The questions I ask clients looking to change or grow their careers can also be used by entrepreneurs as a self-check. Are you centering, blending and extending in the midst of all of that entrepreneurial energy and passion? Think about it, and if you see me at one of the networking events listed above, come say hi and we can discuss!